Save the Date Night!


Save the Date Night!

As a newlywed, date night hardly seemed necessary. Every night was date night! A date night to me meant a nice restaurant with amazing food and an even better ambiance.  My husband and I were already getting lots of quality time, so quality time alone did not equal a date night.

Fast forward four years later. My husband is going to school while working full time, I am home with our 14 month old baby while experiencing the joys of the first trimester of my second pregnancy, we just put our condo up for sale, and are in the process of house hunting. Today, date night has dwindled into me on pinterest while my husband watches any reality show he can find showcasing Alaska. This scenario is not unusual or unfamiliar to most of us (maybe the Alaskan reality show is). With more responsibilities come greater rewards, but also, a bit less time, a bit less money, and a lot less energy.

The solution we found for saving the date night is pretty simple. At the beginning of the month, we choose how much money we can spend on date nights for the whole month. Let’s just say you budget $100. We’d rip up four pieces of paper, representing how many date nights we’d go on. On each piece of paper we’d write an amount of money to add up to our budgeted amount ($40, $30, $20, $10). IMG_0722-4.JPG Then, we’d mix up the papers and blindly select two each.

IMG_0724-0.JPGWe’d each be responsible for planning two date nights for the amount of money we drew. Usually, we’d rotate weekends.


Why is this an excellent solution for saving the date night?

  1. A date is saved on the calendar. Time doesn’t get away from you.
  2. Thoughtfulness and forethought is required since there are monetary limitations. This is my favorite aspect of our solution. It makes me feel so loved when he thinks through our date. He is not a natural planner, so this means a great deal to me.
  3. You won’t break the bank. Your priority is quality time with your spouse. The activity is secondary. You know you’ve had just as much fun picnicking in that scenic location as you had trying that disappointing new restaurant.
  4. You and your spouse can relax by knowing what’s expected of you, ie.: “Why don’t you ever ask me out?”, “I don’t know what to do. What do you want to do?”, “You made plans? I was hoping we’d spend some time together.”

Besides the relationship you have with God, the relationship you have with your spouse should be your first priority. It’s one of the most significant foundations for your home. It is so easy to put your relationship with your spouse on the back burner because you believe your relationship will survive. Don’t just survive. Thrive! You will bless your family by the loving example you set with your spouse. The security it will give your children will allow them to flourish!